How the Journals are Crafted

Each journal is hand-crafted with the utmost care in Todos Santos, a special place in Baja Sur, Mexico where the desert meets the Pacific Ocean and the plant and animal life is uniquely rich and diverse. 

Inspired by the idea of being an adventure journal, they are crafted for daily, heavy use. The decorative stitching on the spine is an ancient bookbinding method that was popular in Europe in the medieval period, possibly as early as the Romanesque period.  In Italy, by 1490 the longstich was used for all their printed books. A Design that is simple and robust and has stood the test of time!

The journals are bound with durable, waxed, linen thread, allowing the pages to lie flat when open, making writing, painting, and sketching easy. Some of the pages are made of strong, long-fiber paper known for its archival quality and timeless appeal. Other journals have recycled paper and  Embellished with handmade decorative end-papers, hand-dyed ribbons, and carefully sourced beads and buttons from artists around the world, many of whom I have met! The leather is from Tandy Leather in the U.S.A. and from Leon, shoe making capital of Mexico.

These completely one-of-a-kind journals are an exquisite mezcla of beauty from different artists. It has been lovingly crafted, with the intention that it provides an inspired blank slate for your very own, unique expression. Tuck your journal into your luggage, your moto panniers, your purse, your backpack, or briefcase, or keep it on your nightstand! It will always be patiently waiting and ready.

These journals are made with much love and care. It is a joy to make something beautiful and high quality that serves as a blank slate for your own unique, EXPLORATIONS!!

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